5 Ways to Maximize Your Space During a Renovation

5 Ways to Maximize Your Space During a Renovation

As an experienced custom design company for Italian kitchens, bathrooms, and closets, our team at Muretti is very familiar with helping our clients find elegant, personal, and practical solutions for their home projects. One of the key elements we recommend incorporating into your design is marble thresholds. Marble thresholds not only add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your space but also serve as functional transitions between different flooring surfaces. By incorporating marble thresholds into your home project, you not only enhance the overall visual appeal but also create a sense of continuity and unity throughout your space. Our team at Muretti is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality materials and exceptional customer service, ensuring that your custom design experience exceeds your expectations.

These solutions are mostly crafted per individual project. However, most of the principles can be applied to any renovation that you are planning to achieve. Any time that you get the opportunity to transform your space, you can use our 5 golden rules as a guide to maximize the usage of available space in your home all while maintaining the luxurious feel you are looking for. 

It is a commonly known fact amongst people who live in New York that space is limited, at Muretti, we like to give our clients tools that will make their journey an easier one. 

  1. Clear understanding of your needs 
  2. Declutter
  3. Maximize storage solutions and functionality
  4. Optimize natural light 
  5. Make it your own 

To begin the process, you must have a clear understanding of your needs. What kind of use do you want to get out of the space? Is there a specific must-have that is not up for compromise? Keep in mind that you will be the one that will be using the space, therefore you are the indicated source to make the decisions on where things will go. It is imperative that you ask for a professional’s help if you are uncertain how to achieve your goals as their expertise will come into play to bring your ideas to life and maximize your space. Our design team at Muretti is passionate about the functionality of our work and often surprising our clients with clever ideas. 

As important as understanding your needs to create that new space is, equally crucial is to declutter of items that no longer serve their purpose in your space. We like to recommend the 12-month rule, if you have not used a certain item in the past year, do not consider keeping it. It will renew the energy and give you a fresh perspective moving forward. Of course, this also provides an opportunity to bring in new elements into your home. However, anything you do bring in or add to your space, must be strategic. Really think through the purpose and need for anything new and how often you anticipate using the item. As anyone who lives in New York City may know, space is limited and identifying your essential items is very important. 

Muretti’s experienced team of professionals have learned to utilize every space to maximize the functionality and optimize the usage. There is strategy involved, there is knowledge acquired though experience that can help you with organization and purpose. When living in a big city where the homes are small, you must make every inch count. Find storage solutions that will save frustrations later when you go about your day to day routine. Utilizing a small space to obtain the full potential has its intricacies. Take your time to plan as this process is essential to have a cohesive movement throughout. 

A component which should never be taken underestimated is natural light. This is a fundamental element which will have a substantial impact on the overall look and feel to your home and always on trend. Our team always recommends, the brighter you can make your home, the better. Our clients can always add window treatments to adjust the amount of light you let in later, if needed. If you are renovating a kitchen, consider increasing the size of the window to let natural light in. This will give you some room to play with while adding ambiance light to your design. A bonus benefit is that you will avoid the worries of having to sustain a specific amount of fixed lighting daily to make your kitchen functional. 

Once you have completed all previous recommendations, it is time to let the fun of decorating begin. We love to work with our clients to customize the space to fit their lifestyle as well as their personality. As a company, we take pride in helping our clients express themselves through the space. We can suggest interesting drawer pulls, unique woodwork, bold colors, spaces for an art collection or other design elements to help bring some personal style to life in the space. Or if our clients prefer a super clean, minimalist style, we can also work to achieve this type of atmosphere in a space. We love when a client can bring us ideas to work with which has inspired them, that is always very helpful. Our team at Muretti also spends a lot of time getting to know our clients throughout this design process which help us get a sense of their style, as we propose unique ideas for the client to choose from. 

About Muretti: For over 25+ years, Muretti has been a leading name in handcrafted Italian kitchens, bathrooms, and closets. Our team works on a range of residential and multi-unit projects, fusing traditional with contemporary to prove home dreams really do come true. Our team has uncompromised access to the very best Italian materials. Everything we deliver is 100% made-in-Italy for exquisite quality you can count on. As a family-owned and operated business, we offer attention to the finest of details and uncompromised personal service. We look forward to working with you on your next project. Please visit our website here: https://www.muretti.com/ or call us today: 212.457.1355.

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