Best Bars Upper East Side

Best Bars Upper East Side

Are you seeking the top bars in New York’s Upper East Side? Then have a look at my top picks here! Because We’ll show you the best speakeasy bars, rooftop bars, pubs, wine bars, and small-town hangouts in New York.

Bemelman’s Bar

Bemelman’s Bar is our favorite Upper East Side hangout and has been our first stop following a stroll across Central Park on countless occasions. It doesn’t get much better if you can also have a tasty drink in a wonderful setting. Oh, yes, with the Hammer-Burger available in this location.

Cantor Rooftop at The Met

The Cantor Rooftop Garden Bar is a fantastic place to unwind after visiting the world-famous Metropolitan Museum of Art – known as “The Met” for short – but it is also an excellent place to meet up with friends. From April through October, you can take in art, coffee, light snacks, cocktails, and a panoramic view of Central Park, Midtown, and the Upper East Side from the Upper East Side Rooftop Bar. The calm and informal mood is created here; it is also a comfortable and quiet location for families with children.

Dylan Murphy’s

Dylan Murphy’s Irish Pub in New York City is the place to go if you search for a nice, private Irish pub experience. This small, intimate tavern has a limited menu of classic Irish staples, such as shepherd’s pie, boxty, and beef and Guinness stew. The environment is warm and friendly, giving it the ideal spot to unwind after a long day at the office or elsewhere. Check out the Mac & Cheese or the wings for a great pick-me-up after a long day.

Earl’s Beer and Cheese

Earl’s offers good craft beers, an intriguing beer cheese spread, and wonderful grilled sandwiches available at Earl’s Beer and Cheese. Dishes for the current day are chalked on a whiteboard and will appeal to even the most modest budgets.

Joe & The Juice

“Joe & The Juice” is a great option if you just want to charge your batteries for a brief period with fresh juices. There are several different seating places, and the juices are quite delicious!

Pony Bar

We consider Pony Bar one of our favorites on the Upper East Side since they have an exceptional selection of craft beers that is unsurpassed by any other establishment in the city.

Ryan’s Daughter

Ryan’s Daughter is a traditional Irish pub with friendly staff who provide outstanding service. Pour yourself a glass of freshly tapped Guinness, which will come with complimentary potato chips.

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