Awe-Inspiring Interior Designs for NYC Homes and Apartments

Awe-Inspiring Interior Designs for NYC Homes and Apartments

New York is famous for its stunning architecture — in both homes and buildings. From the towering skyscrapers around Central Park to majestic brownstone townhouses and landmarks (some of which are more than a hundred years old), New York is a splendid blend of modern and classic structures. If you’re looking to make a bold statement with your decor, New York is the place for you! 

Although the average homes in NYC are relatively small in size, you’ll find that awe-inspiring interior design comes so naturally to New Yorkers; NYC homes have become global trendsetters! NYC may inspire you to let your creative self take over and craft something entirely new. Here are a few tips on how you can get started on crafting your very own unique home look.

  • Use a bold array of color palettes.
  • Build storage spaces along the walls going high up in the rooms.
  • Use a few large pieces of furniture as opposed to many small ones.
  • Keep your rooms airy and bright using windows and white color on the walls.
  • Choose high and wide window drapes that make your rooms look elegant.
  • Opt for wall-mounted lighting instead of lamps to add more aesthetic beauty.
  • Add pillows and/or a custom blanket on the sofas to give an extra design element to your sofas.

We’ll dive into four popular home styles to let you pick what seems the right fit for your home.

1. Contemporary Home Decor 

Through its constant innovative changes, contemporary interior design is an exciting and daring style to try out. In this style, furniture is an integral element of a contemporary design as it works with the building to create more extraordinary aesthetics. Contemporary interior designs borrow from multiple trends over the years but are flexible enough that it allows designers to put their spin on them.

If you are looking to make an even more significant aesthetic impact, neutral walls are the perfect backdrop for artwork, and a humble sofa can turn out to be a piece of art thanks to textile design. You can opt for custom prints such as the ones you can get at or some good pieces you can get at the nearest art gallery. 

With minimal use of furniture and open spaces, these interiors can feel airy and spacious. The usage of reflective materials like glass, metals, or mirrors, can also make apartments seem even more light-filled and spacious.

2. Eclectic Home Decor 

New York City apartments are known for being layered, ethnic, and colorful. They usually have a unique story to tell through their style of decoration and the use of vibrant colors on walls or pieces of furniture.

If you want to curate an eclectic home, it is imperative not to go overboard. You might fall in love with many items at your local decoration stores, but the challenge is to find the fine line between creating a layered look and making it overwhelming. 

To achieve an eclectic home, you must choose a neutral color palette with only a few accent tones. Ideally, the colors should balance each other out and work well together by using old and new objects in the house.

3. Mid-Century Modern Decor 

Many interior lovers love mid-century modern interiors because it is simple and fits comfortably with trending designs. Originating in New York, this home decor style has now become very popular all over the world.

NYC apartments have a prime focus on open floor plans and natural lighting. Their interiors often combine rich jewel tones with clean lines, resulting in a beloved understated elegance. Together, these features create free-flow living spaces for residents to enjoy while the large windows turn the attention from the interior towards the cityscape views outside.

Mid-century interior design is gaining popularity as more people lean towards fuss-free living. The use of natural wood gives such homes a richly luxurious feel, with pieces of furniture or structures made out of rosewood, walnut, or teak, adding extra depth.

4. Contemporary Industrial Decor 

When browsing New York apartment interiors, contemporary industrial design is one of the top choices of homeowners. Such structures have more exposed beams, brick, and concrete that make this style look more masculine, full of character, and rugged. 

The contrast of the rough, unfinished building material with its refined furniture makes this space look extraordinary. On one end of the design are raw brick wall surfaces and steel beams, while on the other end, there is fine leather, polished wood, and fine linen. The clash of warm tones with the cold aesthetic of cement and metal is a visual delight!

We hope you liked the ideas we presented in this blog post. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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